Since each Sheriff (and family) moved in with  their own belongings  - very few items were  actually left in the residence by 1974 when the  last Sheriff moved out.     Most of the furniture on display has been  donated to the Museum or is on loan from the  owner.  However, a few items - original to the  residence - are on display tripadvisor
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Sheriff Residence Exhibits
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West Parlor c. 1860s furniture
A chair used by Judge James O Neill
Pump Organ c. 1870 - Kurz family
Group photo - local masons who helped build the Jail - 1897
Bust of Bernhard Listemann- first Concert Master of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
East Parlor - Music Room
Dining Room
Dining Room - furnishings
Kitchen of the Sheriff Residence
Childrens Bedroom - 2nd Floor
Jewlry Room - 2nd Floor
Jewelry Room - Display items