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1897 Clark County Jail Exhibits
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Jail - Booking Room display
Jail - Holding cell - originally from the 2nd Clark County Jail - in use 1882 to 1897
Model of Clark County Rural School - Kurth Corners. Was located E of Neillsville on US Hwy 10 / Pray Rd.
Jail - Barber Shop display
Jail - Laundry / Ironing display
Mercantile store items - various Clark County WI merchant advertisment, tools, and displays.
Military Floor Display - uniforms from the Pancho Villas Mexican Incursion through Desert Storm.
Military Floor Display - photos flags, letters, medals, gas masks, books and memoribilia from Civil War, Mexican Incursion, WWI, WWII, Korean War and others.
Telephone Operator Display Switchboard, old telephones, directories and history of early days of telephone company and party-lines.
First occupied in October of 1897,  the 3rd Clark County Jail was in constant use  until 1978.  Built at a cost of $15,000  (almost $1 million dollars in the economy  of current times) the jail was considered  a state-of-the-art facility.  The Sheriff and his family lived in the  residence from 1897 to 1974.  Meals for  the prisoners were prepared by the wife  of the Sheriff.  It was not unusual for  members of the Sheriffs family to  deliver the meals to prisoners in the  jail.  It was a very different time!  The Sheriff Department and Patrol  Department operated from this  building until 1978, when the new  (4th) Jail was completed.