The rivers an d the creeks were f ull of fish and the woods full of partridge. Fishing was better than it is to day . One could take a torch and go down to the creek with a s pear in the evening and in a v ery short time could have a sackfu l of f is h . I knew about every man in the county at one time. That story they tell about the placing of the whiskey across the creek to purposely trap the W eston Rapids people as they came to vote on the change of the county seat. I do not think it was quite true. The way of it was like this. A barrel of whiskey had been stowed away in the cellar of one our prominent ci tizens at that time and as folks were getting drunk about the house the lady of th e house objected to its being there. It was then taken out and carried across the creek to the old mill. When the W estonnes came along they found it there and filled it up. Of course after this they could not walk the boom which was the only way there was for cr os sing th e creek as a consequence their votes were lost and the county seat was gained for Neills ville." ******************** Fr ed W. Draper W as a Pioneer . Fr ed Drap er is no late comer fo r he goe s on to say: “ I s aw the f irst s tump du g out of a highway in the town of Loyal. This was in the spring of ’73. It was the stump of a red oak tree and Jake T ynan and Jay Pierce were the men who dug it out. No, I was not born in Clark County but in Fond du Lac county . We came here in the month of November 1872. We settled near Loyal. My father held the first First Grade Certificate issued to any Clark Co. teacher . The Supt. W as E.J. Sawyer ." ******************** Recollections of Mrs. L.B.R eed Mrs. L.B. Reed deserves well the name of pioneer . W ith her husband Thos. Reed she came onto the Ridge road during the Civil war . She spoke as follows of those early days: “W e lived at Hatfield and also at Arnold’ s Creek before we moved up here. Bruce Mound is named after my father , Franklin Bruce. In those early days he killed many bears on that mound. He ma de the first trail there was between Black River F alls and H atfield. It was here tha t he built a s aw-mill. Later he moved up to Arnold’ s creek where he bui lt a second mill. Here Mr . Reed and myself were married and here we built a little home. Mr . Reed worked in the mill. In 1863 we came up here. Mr . Reed was quite a hunter . He kil led the only cinnamon bear ever killed around this country , near our present home. Most of the older settlers will remember Elder Wheeler . He was a Methodist minister . Mr . Reed was always a great hand to make maple sugar and with the help of Dr . French planned a joke on Elder Wheeler who was stationed at Black River Falls at that time. They fixed up a jug of syrup and Dr . French labeled it “Bourbon” and took it down to Elder Wheeler . The name spelled beware for the old parson and no amount of persuastion could induce him to take a snif f of the contents of the jug. It was not until Dr . French knocked out the cork that the
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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