Xmas time. The folks always tried to keep it at home. The place where we lived was seven miles from any road. We had to chop the trees down for room to build the house and when I got my family all in to the house with ten chi ldren, myself and wife I had two dollars in my pocket. I s tayed there two year s all the time trying to get out. I could not raise the money and I made up my min d to go to work. I raised all the family by labor until I got room to raise a little crop. Sometimes we used to live pretty slim but no ne of us ever s tarved th o some s at up pretty late at night for fear they might starve. W ell, I don’ t know I could keep stringing this story out. I was going to tell you that we lived happier then that we do now . Friends were happier and there was more sociability . I think Xmas day should be honored. I ho nor it. I believe i n youn g folks having a good ti me but I do not believe in them throwing their lives away with no thought of the here- after . I have seen 77 Xmases." ******************** Early Days on the Globe Road by Mrs. Gus Sm ith The old Globe road, th at too has changed in 40 years. One of the pioneers Mrs. Gus Smith now lives on the north side and to her was p ut th e ques tions as to when she first settled on that road. “Why we came onto that Globe road along with the Huntleys. It was all wood s then and the road only r an as far as the old Frank farm where Linster’ s mill is now is. It was surveyed up farther but it was not cut out. Let me see, that was in the spring of 1 869 we went there. X mas and other holidays were not thought of for a year or so after we got there. Then our school house was built and we began to have entertainments there. The first teachers I do not remember but they in cluded Miss Harding and Miss R ob ins on , who is now Mrs. James O’N eil l. C har les Fuller came later on and will be remembered as having taught m any y ears . I th ink we had the first gen eral Xmas tree in the scho olhous e with an entertain men t. One of the earlies t recollecti ons I have is when my husband Gu s, used to hitch up on an old two wheel cart and take all the ladies of the neighborhood for a ride to one of the lumber camps. We took our dinner and we always had a good time. Our general gatherings always included the Huntleys, the Blacks, the Ritchies. The Rev . Hendren was often at these and when the roads were so bad that he could not drive, he came on horseback. Y es, we had pretty good times then.” ******************** W .J. Marsh Recalls Early Christmas T rade Coming upon W .J. March busily writing an order for more Xmas goods the reporter was truck with the idea that W ill had something good to tell. A word started him telling in an interesting way . “Why my first Xmas in Neillsville was spent in clerking for Cole and Pashelles. That was in 1879. I got $10. per month and my board as one of the firm. They were an excellent firm and I stayed with them for two years. I remember that peopl e got excited at Xmas just as they do now but we did not have the stock to select from that we have now . Things were not as elaborate. A year or so later I was clerking for Emery Bruley in a store where Cowles saloon is now . I remember one Xmas we had a grand display of silk handkerchiefs and they were all colors. They were in great demand and every one thought that they had to have one. I was quite a kid then. Why I
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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