o ut east then” she continued (can’ t read next two words) many when I came. The Counsells, W ages, W illiams, (can’ t read) and Popes all came at the same time. I think the county seat was established before the y came. Y ou kn ow I helpe d to get the di nner fo r the voters when they gained the victory for the county seat at Neillsville. They voted in a little house which stood where Herb Brooks now lives. Sam W eston wanted to get the county seat at W eston’ s Rapids. Everything on the North Side was a body of white poplar clear to Hawks’ hill and no one ever expected a town to grow up there. Of course t he South Side was a body of hard wood tim be r . My first home was where Mr . Crothers now lives. Four families I have mentioned as having come here together cleared the road as they went along. The cattle were fed on boughs and twigs for there was nothing else to feed them. Sometimes this had to be gathered in sacks and carried to them and they were kept all win ter on it. We had no churches to have Xmas T rees in them. “I have seen 83 Xmases if I see this one. Folks won’ t believe me,” and Mrs. Cawley broke into a hearty laugh. “I have never been poisoned by doctor’ s medicine. I am surprised at the way some folks grow old. I have always worked hard but I have never had a doctor for eight years.” When asked what she thought of the modern Xmas, Mrs. Cawley replied, “It is all right, it is all right. I don’ t for get that I was once young and I used to like to dance as well as anyone . I think that a great many do not make the home pleasant for the children. I believe in a pleas ant home and I believe in order . And even now I like to talk to the young folks as well as ever .” The visitor bade her “good night” impre ssed again with the fact that sometimes such tiny souls have great philosophy . ******************** Peter McGinnis’ Story of Sherwood. To some of our readers no name will be more f amiliar that that of Peter McGinnis. If not among the first comers , he w as one w ho blazoned the trail out thru Sherw ood and h elped make th at the fertile and produ ctive regio n that it no w is. Mr . MrGinnis is a home lover and we found our friend settled in a comfortable chair enjoying his pipe. In response to our inquiries Mr . McGinnis went on to tell, “There were some settlers in the town of Sherwood a few years before me. One of these was Mr . Benedict who was a near neighbor when I first got there. Also a Mr . Coudrey . I can’ t really say that it was thirty-nine or forty years ago that we got in there. It was on Xmas day . Y es W ell I might go on and tell the story , how it happened. I got a man to load up our stuf f when we started up here and in getting the s tove he lost th e back of it and we d id not mis s it un til we got out to Benedict’ s and we had to remain there a whole week until I got back to La Crosse to get it. I was toting so I brought it back when I b rou ght up a load. At that time my wife was suf fering with a bad felon on her hand, piled up as you might say with ten children. Then I got into my own house. W ell, then I started to go to work and worked a week with my team and the man ha d a f rie nd whom he thought more of than he did of me and he dischar ged me. So I left my team and went to work w ith my hands. I worked a w eek and was taken sick.” Mr . McGinnis paused for a breath and continued, “Let’ s see, then I went back to work in a camp and stayed there until th e camp broke up after which I went on a drive, a job that I had never done before. All this time I did not like this place but I had no money to get out. This was my first winter in Clark. Co. Xmas was not a festival with us, no not at all. I always had to w ork. I never could g et h ome at
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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