and faithfully he labored and no ma n in Clark County is mo re belov ed. Dr . B. F. French was both doctor and lawyer . Many people would have no one attend them but him. He was a strong jury lawyer and a man of great influence in the comm unit y . I remember my uncle taking me up to introd uce me to J udge R. J. MacBride. He had the front of fice in the second story of the Hewett store. I recall just how he looked. H er wore a sailor hat and w as young and h andsome. I had reas on to learn in a legal practice of twenty four year s during which I was frequently pitted against him, how much of power and ener gy and keenness was stored in the br ain be low that s ailor hat. Robert Sturdevant went west soon after I came and his brother , J.R. Sturdevant succeeded him as district attorney . There are only three men in business in Neillsville now who were also in business in 1873. Decatur Dickinson, O. P. W ells and W illiam Heaslett. There was no railroad, the nearest stati on being Humb ird 17 miles dis tant . Of course there no water works, no sewers, no telegraph or telephone and no electric light. The cows ran in the streets and the jingle of the cow bells disturbed sleepers. Some people stole out at night and cut the cow bells of f. There were good schools but none of the present fine buildings were then built. Ed Merritt edited the leading newspaper . There was no bank but one was later started by MacBride & Allen and one by T elling & W ood. ******************** Pages Fr om An Old V olume of Life , by M rs. F. Cawley Evening was gently falling as a qui et r ap, upon the door of a tiny and neat little cottag e stirred foots teps w ithin. In the fading l ight a brig ht kind ly face sh one and it mad a fellow wish he had seen it in the youthful days. “Good evening” and ”Come in” were all one needed to assure a hearty welcome. “Come right this way” and the little lady led one in to a cozy room where a bright coal f ire shed its glow all about everything seemed to speak comfort and contentment. Not lonely either , for a sociable little kitten trotted hither and thither about the room. “Mrs. Cawley how long have you been up in this country?” “ I came her in 1851. Mr . Geor ge Frantz Sr . came her a year before I did but I do not know as there were many more. I have no recollection of the first Xmas in Clark County . I remember one just before we got here that we spent at Prairie du Chien. Let me see , yes, the first Xmas my husband w orked for J im French, a brother of Doctor French on Conlan Creek near Robert French’ s. I did the cooking for 18 men, I do not know as we knew Xmas was, aside from the usual work. No indeed we did not give any presents. T om La Flesh and Geor ge Frantz were both single then and worked for this same man. I cooked twenty one d eer that winter and D octor French killed every one of them. W el l I do not know a hard beginni ng is a good ending. It looks that way . We looked for better things. Mrs. Cawley paused a moment as if her mind dwelt again on those days sixty years ago. “There were not (can’ t read)
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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