oldest practicing lawyers. He also served as County Judge, represented this district as State Senator and was appoint ed by President Cleveland as Consul to Leit h, S cotlan d. ******************** Neillsville’ s Grand Old Xmas T r ee. Near the corner of Court and Fifth Streets in front of the old J ohn Stan nard residence stands an old pine tree. This tree was planted in 1862 by Wm. Berry . At the old settlers party held in this city , some years ago, measurements were made and recorded. The tree has shown rather a remarkable growth and bids fair to live to be a venerable old monarch of that part of town. It showers the continual gift of shade on all who pass. In it self it is the constant reminder of that great wealth which nature bestowed upon th is country and w hich has fallen before the woodsman’ s ax. May it stand and grow on as one of Neillsville’ s per manen t land mark s. ******************** General It ems Robert Meecham was mail carrier to L ynn in 1863. The first Old Settler’ s meeting in Clark County was held in 1870. Mrs. Geor ge Jacques Sr . is among the few oldest women born and still living in the sta te. She was born at Ft. Howard, W is., Jan. 1 st 1837. The first hotel in Neillsville was Hotel Roy z and st ood whe re th e pr esen t Merchants Hotel now stands. It was run by Rueben R oy x a nd w as a pr omi ne nt stopping place in the f iftys. Gilbert Johnson deserves a place among the pioneers. Gilbert used to make the anvil ring at Hewettville thirty some odd years ago. There was really a little village of Hewetville then situated on W edge’ s Creek where James Hewett had a mill, camps, blacksmith s hop and a store. Linus Frank of W est W eston pioneerd his part of the town. He has the reputation of having hauled the biggest loads of co rdwood ever bro ught in to Neills ville – Just so with all his other operations, he is a hustler and has ma de one of the best farms in his town out of an ers twhile forest. Geor ge Jacques was principal of the Greenwood schools in 1883. Among his pupils might be mentioned McKenzie Andrews, Cashier of the Colby State Bank, Ben Andrews a store keeper in Longwood, also Bert Bailey . He characterized the school middling rough in those days. Mr . Jacques cooked in a stave camp when s ixteen years of age, thirty-one years ago out in the town of Fremont. Fremon ts w as a lmos t a wil dern ess the n. Sup plies w ere packed from Marshfield , wh ich w as b ut lit tle more than the name those days.
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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