Loyal from the fact that the early settlers were “loyal” soldiers of the Civil W ar . ******************** Presbyterian services were first held in Neillsville in 1854 by Rev . Sherman from the city of La Crosse. The meeting were held at dif ferent house as the O’Neills and Sturdevant’ s. A few years later an old Congregational minister came here and lived just east of Hutching’ s corners. He however moved away again soon. ******************** Some Recollections of Homer M. Root I came to Clark County in 1869” said H.M. Root, Cashier of the Commercial State Bank, in response to the inquiry . “ I came west from New Y ork state, stopped a few weeks in Chicago, came on to LaCrosse and then came up Black River to where Greenwood n ow stands . Greenwood was not though t of then. There were only five ho uses there; the o nly person left of th eir original occupants is Mrs. Hattie Andrews. She lives nearly on the same spot that she did then. Bob Schofield then lived at Schofield’ s Corners opposite W eston’ s Rapids. I went to work in camp that winter and I scaled and tended landing, but I have worked at every job there is to do in and about a logging camp, even cooking. Up to 1880 all the timber was felled with an ax and I did a great deal of chopping. In 1874 I went into partnership with B.F . Thompson and we logged together eleven long winters. We did most of the toting from Hatfield and W rightsville. The big winter for lo gging on Black River w as 1871-2; that year 350, 000,000 feet of pin e was put in; the next winter about 250,000,000. The “Al Brown winter” 1877-8 practically no logs were put in. Farmers p lowed eve ry month during the winter and at New Y ear’ s the road between Greenwood and Neillsville was impassable because of mud, and a log drive was on in Black River . Hemlock Dam was built in 1878 and the old Dells Dam in 1879 I think. We had some dry seasons in years past but never enough to hurt crops till last year . In 1874 and 1875 we had a plague of gra sshoppers that hurt crops considerably around Greenwood. They ate everything except tomatoes. There were lively times “when logging was in flower” on Black River . Among the prominent loggers of those years were the W ithees, Hixon, Bright, the Colemans, D.J. Spalding, Price, C.C. W ashburn, Sawyer and Austin, Gile and Holway , and Hi Goddard." ******************** A History of Clark County Hon. R. J. MacBride is the author of a very complete history of Clark County , which was published as a serial in the Thorp Courier . It is Mr . MacBride’ s intention to revise this matter and republish it sometime in a volume. Mr . MacBride’ s person recollections run back a good many years, he being of our
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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