Y ork from the fact that many of the settlers were from the state of New Y ork or that the Y orkstan families were early settlers. Fr emont after General F remont . He wett a fter J ames Hew ett. Pine V alley , the original name of the whole region from the amount of pine gr owi ng he re. Grant fr om Gen. Grant. L ynn from the basswood or “Linn” wood which grew in abundance there. Levis from Wm. Levis an early logger and mill man there. W ashburn after Governor W ashburn governor of this state in 1872-74. He once owned much pine in this township. Thos. LaFlesh was a foreman of his. Sherwood from “Sherwood Forest” of England, named by Mrs. Thos. LaFlesh. Hendren, after Rev . Hendren the well known pioneer Presbyterian minister of G re enw o od . W ithee after N.H. W ithee Ex County treasurer , Ex member of Assembly . He held these of fices while living in the city of La Crosse. Hixon after Gideon C. Hixon, a partner of N.H. W ithee M ayv il le – W orden after Zeph. W orden an old settler Reseber g after Aug. Reseber g an old settler there. Green Grove from the fores ts . Mead from Harry Mea d an old settle r of the County . Be ave r aft er Be ave r . Eaton after Lige Eaton an early se ttler on th e town s ite of Greenwood. Do rchester Thorp from J.G. Thorp president of the Eau Claire Lumber Co. Humbird after Mr . Humbird an old of ficer of the Northwestern Road. V eekind after Mr . V eekind who owned a heading mill there.
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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