those who had some left ate them steadily . Everything seems palatable when one is hungry .” It seems that for six days they were reduced to living upon soup from ground bone and earth satur ate d w i th the b lood of animals that had b een killed there. Finally a band of kindly Indians took the old man to a watering station on Keweenaw Bay on the south shore of Lake Superior . From her Father Menard undertook the journey to the headwaters of Black River . The country to be travel ed was describ ed as “an a lmost continual series of swamps in which so unding s had to be taken les t one mig ht get himself inextricably eng ulfed” and where the traveler “winding his way thru dense swarms of mosquitoes, w ould not find any wh ere in thos e dis mal re gion s a means of liv ing.” It was at the beginning of this par t of the journey that Rene Me nard wrote: “ It is my h opeto di e on the way .” This was in July 1661. Before the party had gone a great dista nc e the Indians abandoned Menard and his companion. They pushed on as best they could till at length Father Menard be came lost. His companion called and fired his gun as a signal and mad the search for the old missionary but all in vain. The old man undoubtedly languished suf fering in the forest until the tomahawk of a predatory Sioux ended the misery . His cassock and kettle were later found in the lodg e of an In dian. Authority , Henry Legler . ******************** Dr . Baxter Our Earliest Surgeon Dr . Baxter invaded Clark County at a very early date. Information gotten seems to point to the fact that he came here from Monroe county in the early fiftys. He was somewhat of a migratory dispos iti on a nd w as fam iliar to all th e early and later pioneers of the county . He seemed quite ready to meet emer gencies as it is told that at one time a gentleman by the name of Ike W illiams suf fered from frozen feet which necessitated amputation. Dr . Baxter lacked the necessary instruments for the work and at last reso rted to an old case knife from which he made a saw by the means of a file. This was the chief instrument used to carry out the operation on W illiams. ******************** Martin Moran ran a general store where the T imes of fice now is and in 1863 dispos ed of wheat flour at $1 0 per barrel. ******************** Old Boys in Blue Fr om Clark County Soil “Rufe” Sturdevant, John King, Ferd. W age, Geor ge King, Wm. Hutchinson, James Fer guson, E. P. Houghton, A. J. Manley , Chas. Bacon, Chas. Foot, Thos. Coulan, Thos. V ine, Chauncey Blakeslee, Alexander Green, W ashington Short, Fred Y ankee, Edward Markey , Nelson Marsh, Geor ge Brooks. This list may not include all but it is as complete as cou ld be g ott en. ********************
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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