the basis of the present na tive s tock disseminated around Christie. The first A yrshire cattle in this county were introduced by Sol. Nason early in the 70’ s. He had an excellent bull and he became the sire of many excellent cows for Mr . Nason. John Dore bought some of this stock and gradually A yrshire blood was scattered throughout the T own of Grant where to-day one may see in some of the native stock the color and the symmetry of the A yrshire. The Jersey cattle were fir st brought her e by Jo hn S. Dore on the pres ent Y ouman’ s farm. He bought an excellent sire from Judge. B Bryant of Madison. This bull w as known as “President Haye s .” Other families of Jers ey wer e broug ht here by James O’ Neill. Holstein Fresians came thru the ef forts of Levi Archer and Alonzo Brooks twenty-five years ago. Later Ed Carter of Humb ird went down to Syracuse, N ew Y ork and purchased of Smiths, Powell and Lamb eleven head. There were ten heifers at $300. each and a bull at a cost of $500. This was twenty years ago. The Dutch Belted were brought in her from Osseo by J. W. Short of the T own of Levis. They were known then as Laken Fe lders and to-day whereve r there is a small fraction of this original blood the white belt still appears on the native stock. The Herefords came thru the ef forts of Rual W eston, son of Sam W eston and were kept on the W eston farm for a time. This was in the 70’ s. They were finally shipped to La Crosse as they did not seem to take here. It is also said th at the white faced cattle were a part of the foundation stock of the T own of W ashburn and traces of the white face may yet be seen there. A few polled Angus came but there were so few that they are not worth mentioning. The Guernseys have come to us in the last few years and have their history to make in this county . Mr . Austin bought the first Poland China Hogs into this county and paid the sum of $ 45. fo r three an imals. At one time Mr . Austin had 85 head of cows on his farm all of Jersey and A yrshire breeding. This is the biggest milking herd ever owned in the county and the milk from them filled a two thousand pound vat every day . Mr . Austin built the first creamery and operated the first cream separator in the county . The writer well remembers how hard Mr . Austin worked in these first few years trying to make Clark county farm ers think that creameries really were a paying proposition. He buil t the first silo in the county an d people said that he was crazy when he told them th at he wo uld as s oon s umme r his cow s w itho ut g rass as to winter them without silage. As the year s pass the old foundation stock derived from all of the above s ources and others will gradually give way to pure beef stock of some of the improved breeds. The old brindled and speckled cows had merit for they served the people real well when they could ill af ford better . But “Speck” and “Dappie” must pass
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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