was brought here from Black River Falls by Edward Markey . Sh ort ville About thirty-eight years ago five of the Short brothers went in to w hat is now town of W ashburn. Three of these brothers, James, Andrew , and John still live there. Stephen went west and has since died and Geor ge Short died in 1908. In and about the vicinity are many families connected with the older Short brothers. About thirty years ago the Shortville post of fice was established with Andrew Short as post master . After the rural routes were established the old stage line from Neillsville was taken of f and the post of fice was discontinued. It is a prosperous locality , possessing a fine store, (W inter Bros.), school, creamery , blacksmith shop, church and town hall. The rural route and telephone line bring it in close touch with the surrounding country . Peter Cramer , the present chairman of the town of W ashburn helped to or ganize the town. The first town meeting was held in a log house on what is now Mr . Beebe’ s farm, then owned by Orlando Babcock. The place had been homesteaded by John W inters who sold his rights to Mr . Babcock who since died. Mrs. Babcock now lives in Neillsville and John W inters who was badly hurt two weeks ago in a runaway accident lives in Grant. Cannou Bros. had settled in W ashburn before the town was or ganized. ******************** Provis ions and nails w ere pa ck ed from B lack River Falls to this p oint for a number of years. It takes courage to shoul der a sack of flour at Black River Falls and carry it clear up into the town of Ea ton. But that is what the Hu ntzicker s and many others did 60 some years ago. More that this, hardwar e an d n ai ls we r e carried from this same point to build the first hou ses here. ******************** Old C lark C oun ty Liv e Stock Histo ry Scientific farming has become such a common topic of discussion that nowadays it seems quite common place . It has many advocates an d is being practiced in every neighborhood. One of the pioneers of farm science was Uncle Geor ge A. Austin, now comfortably spending his last year in rest upon W est Fifth Street. Mr . Austin mentally is as active as ever and from him we glean some facts which will be of interest to the present generation of stock farmers in Clark county . While Mr . Austin makes no pretense of being the pioneer woodsman he was here to begin farming w ith most of the olde r g enera tion. Fr om him we lea rn th at the first Shorthorn or Durham cattle introduced into this county were bought by Mr . Robert Ross who had a farm up north of Christie s omewhere near the present W east farm. Mr . Ross bought a red Durham bull called “Marius” from John W entworth then editor of the Chicago Democrat. “Marius” was sired by the 15 th Duek of A via which bull Mr . W entworth bought at the famous New Y ork Mills sale at a purchase price of $15,000. It was a great joke on W entworth that he gave the bull which Ross bought a feminine name. Ross’ s Shorthorns were mostly the mellow roans and good milers. At one time he had a bull nearly all white and which attracted much attention. This early herd of Shorthorns forms
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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