******************** A Thrilling Experience by A.M. Harriman Mr . Harriman of Grand A ve. when asked whether he knew of anything of interest which occurred durin g t he h oliday seas ons of bygone years w en t on to say , “I came to Neillsville at least 40 years ago and can remember lots of things of interest at other times of the year . “Y ou know we did not think so much about Xmas those days. Somehow we were too busy . I had a sister living in a little white house where the Gates Block now stands and I made my home there. T wo brother -in-laws of mine were in a store which stood where Dennis T originy’ s store now stands. The Post Office was in a little bit of a building where Danger’ s store is. Shortly after the h olidays I re member sitting there one afternoon when all at once a man rushed into the store with a loaded revolver all cocked and flourished it all around. He w as a big Fren ch Canadian by th e name of Belle. My brothers in law , St. John and Summerside jumped at him and succeeded in getting the revolver away from him. He stood around the place for awhile and at last persuaded them to return the revol ver to him. But a few moments elapsed when he dashed over to the O’Neill Hous e barn. He was out of our door before we could say Jack Rabbit. A man was standing near the barn and Belle rushed at him and fired three shots, one tearing away his clothing. W ell, would you believe it, they never arrested Belle. Did not seem to care those days. Things were pretty wi ld the n.” ******************** Befor e Chas. Cornelius Ran An Auto No body in Clark Co unty ha s ever tick led more kids w ith sticks of candy than has our genial banker , Charles Cornelius. Y ou know Charlie used to be the Maple W orks grocer . Like all men of this clan Charles began using fair and favorable means to develop a good trade. At that time he and Frank Eyerly were chums for he said “Xmas of 1878 there was a great masquerade over at Heathville. Frank was teaching school at Granton, then in what was known as the W indfall School and I being strange and bashful Frank agre e to masquerade as a girl and go with me to the dance. The road over as far as Kinzeles’ was a holy terror , full of stumps and between us we managed to st eer the old horse over th em all. I am sure that we did not miss one. J os. Mars h had a saw mill up there then and employed a couple hundred men in the woods. We had a gay old tim e. Y ou se e that I went up to get acquainted with t he folks and sorter work up a lit tle trade .” ******************** Neillsville Pos tm as te r Neillsville was first established as Clark Post Of fice. May 31 st 1855 with Samuel C. Boardman as postmaster . The name Clark was changed to Neillsville Oct 6,1856 and Mr . Boardman appointed a second year . Then followed Geor ge W King in 1857; Chauncy Blakeslee 1858; C. W. Carpenter 1863; A. J. Manley 1865; Wm. C. Hutchinson 1867; J. W. Fer guson 1871; Wm. Campbell 1882; Issac Carr in 1886; Fred Reitz 1890, 1903; W illiam Huntley 1894; L. B. Ring 1899; A. E. Dudley 1906. When this post of fice was first established 1855 mail
Pioneer History , Clark County , W isconsin
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